Open Imagination
ARC Gallery - COLOR

Color is one of the most exciting elements of art. It personifies beauty, expresses emotion, and creates a mood. The power of color has a profound effect on the viewer. It’s one of the first ways we learn to decipher the world around us. Color can sway thinking, and cause reactions both joyful and extreme. Color can seem absolute, but it shifts and changes. Artists manipulate color to turn our perceptions on their heads; to challenge our understanding of reality. Color is magical. Color is cultural. Color is symbolic. Color signifies. How do our interpretations of color affect our perceptions? Our prejudices? Our stereotypes? Does color reflect the racial, social, and political forces shaping our communities? The LGBTQ community, for example, has taken the rainbow of all colors for their symbol of strength and unity. In this call, we invite you to consider your relationship to color and share ways you experience and celebrate it. Let’s honor color and its vibrant expressions. Join us as we transform and saturate the gallery with an exploration and celebration of color. All mediums and materials are eligible for submission including video and performance. Due to space limitations, no large projections will be accepted. About the CURATOR: Ann Rintz is the Art Gallery and Permanent Collection Curator of the Robert T. Wright Community Gallery of Art at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois.