Open Imagination
 October 28, 2021
Aplomb Gallery - Call for Inspirational Portraiture: Stronger

All mediums considered. Work should be figurative either literally or abstractly and relate to the theme: Stronger. Especially looking for work that conveys a positive message of resilience. High quality jpgs, mp4 or obj files will be required for the VR exhibition and ready-to-hang work is requested for the in person exhibition beginning in January. Choose to be considered for the VR event only or both while applying. VR Art Exhibition: $35 fee for up to 4 entries. Artist will receive 70% and 30% commission will go to Aplomb gallery for work sold during either exhibition. The Meta Biennale VR exhibition, hosted on ArtGate, can be attended with a VR headset or any PC/Mac. Artists will be instructed on how to attend and share. The Grand Opening for all galleries will be November 18, 2021 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM EST. The "Stronger" VR exhibition reception and artist talk will be December 8 at 8-9 PM EST. Aplomb Gallery opening Jan 22- Feb 28.