Open Imagination
Alley Beautification Project

Join us in Washington, D.C. where we will co-create a beautification project with homeless youth. We will be transforming an alleyway surrounding the youth shelter into an extension of the vibrant, multicultural center that it represents. This community event includes a reality-show film production and the ribbon-cutting plans to receive high publicity from the Mayor, local partners, and media outlets! Calling all muralist, designers, urban gardener, outdoor furniture metallurgist, and large scale artists! Let's end youth homelessness and increase youth emotional resilience by illuminating the resources available at this center. Please provide the following in your submission via email to : (1) Your artistry/work and the medium used within your portfolio (can be a link) (2) How you would work with youth to co-create your work/art in Washington, D.C. (3) How your style encourages resiliency, emotional growth, and/or faith (X) Prospectus link provides a 360 degree picture of the alley. **$1,000 Award is for Stipend. Supplies are provided additionally by the organization up to $500**

 $1,000 for stipend. Supplies provided additionally by organization up to $500