Open Imagination
 January 29, 2024
Abington Art Center - 2024 Annual Juried Show: Feeling Blue: Navigating Challenges Through Art

Feeling Blue: Navigating Challenges Through Art is a juried exhibition which considers art as a tool for healing. Artists often explore art as a tool for articulating emotions and navigating difficult circumstances. Art plays a vital role in society; it acts as a means for people to process the world around them and channel their response into tangible work for others to look at, interpret, and resonate with. We have all found ourselves in difficult situations, whether it be overcoming obstacles or dealing with something unprecedented, and artists are no strangers to this. Like Picasso with his Blue Period, artists use artwork as a way to navigate the complex emotions that arise from challenges, whether deeply personal or universally shared. How has art influenced your way of viewing the world? In what ways does your artmaking practice provide comfort for you? How does the use of color evoke an emotional response from the viewer? Please submit up to 3 works inspired by the theme (Feeling Blue: Navigating Challenges Through Art) by January 29th and our panel of jurors will review your submissions and let you know which pieces we will be showing by February 7th.