Open Imagination
 July 08, 2024
A Smith Gallery | Photographic Performance 2024 Act 2

Do you have a body of work or a concept for an exhibition that is photography or photography based? We are looking for compelling solo or cooperative exhibitions to be exhibited in our online gallery for a “Photographic Performance”. The entry can be photographic images only, photography combined with mixed media, photography as sculpture, photography based installations or..... This is the fifth year of the “Photographic Performance" and we are hoping once again you can show us what it can be. It is important that the body of work has a conceptual narrative, actual or implied. Entries are due July 8, 2024. Four proposals will be accepted and exhibited on a monthly basis beginning in September, 2024. Jurors for "Photographic Performance” will be gallery directors, Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully.

 We will be selecting four proposals to be featured concurrently on a monthly basis beginning in September, 2024. Each selected portfolio will receive: Online exhibition , Consultation with gallery directors concerning the project , GalleryTalk posted in.