Open Imagination
 April 30, 2024
A Smith Gallery and Fuse Studio | "fruition" | emerging artist residency and exhibition

fruition: accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, perfection, result, completion …. Do you have a series of photographs that you are interested in making into a completed mixed media body of work? Images that are ready to be edited, printed, and combined with mixed media? A Smith Gallery in conjunction with Fuse Studio is seeking artists who need studio space and equipment to complete or further a body of work and would like to be supported with guidance, time, and the tools needed to create and complete a project. Potential projects should include the combination of photography and mixed media -- analog and or digital photographs combined with collage, encaustic, bookmaking, drawing, painting, etc. Jurors Leah Macdonald of Fuse Studio, Kevin Tully and Amanda Smith of A Smith Gallery will be selecting two projects. Each selected artist will receive a five day/night residency at Fuse Studio in Philadelphia, hands on instruction with Leah Macdonald, zoom meetings with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully and an online exhibition and GalleryTalk at A Smith Gallery. Submissions accepted until April 30. Selections will be announced by May 15. Entry fee per proposal is $125. For more info, please visit the A Smith Gallery website or email Amanda Smith.

 artist residency and online exhibition