Open Imagination
 May 26, 2023
A new, innovative humanities competition, Homer

Attention all students and anyone interested in the humanities! Homer Humanities runs low-commitment, thought-provoking competitions on humanities-related topics (history, philosophy, political science, music, art, and more) for middle and high schoolers. To fully encompass the fields in the humanities, we run two competitions a month (timing subject to change)—one for writers and poets, the other for photographers, videographers, and artists Submissions generally expand on, exemplify, or illustrate the prompt. We truly have no preference! So what’s different? Quality over quantity. Unlike traditional writing, video, or art contests, our competitions are short and sweet. By our estimate, it takes around an hour to put together a winning submission. A quality submission is only a photograph or two or a small drawing. The submissions are judged by a panel of college professors and educators in a two to three round process. Winning submissions are compiled in an anthology and published, online and in print. Other notable submissions are published on our website. Give us a shot! There’s nothing to lose (but a bit of time), and everything to gain. Visit our website for more information on eligibility, submissions, and prompts.

 Publication in yearly anthology