Open Imagination
 April 30, 2023
Stony Creek Art Fair

Our newest outdoor art fair. In a popular park close to Rochester, Birmingham and other cities that love art and have the money to prove it. The Stony Creek Art Fair is in a beautiful setting next to a lake. The large parking lot is within 100 feet. Close to large homes and wealthy patrons, this show should be good for most price points. Stony Creek is a popular parks in northern Oakland County, Michigan. Near Rochester, Birmingham and other high-income cities. Millions of people visit the park annually. The show offers dedicated parking for artists and patrons adjacent to the event. We will limit the show to 75 booths. Our marketing program is designed to attract qualified high-end art collectors. Integrity Shows uses a three-year jury system. Artists are guaranteed a space for 3 years provided they apply by the deadline and abide by the show rules. We adjust the size of the show accordingly to assure that at least half the spaces are available in any given year.