Open Imagination
 May 07, 2023
Belle Isle Art Fair

Local magazines call this the area's Best Art Fair. Located on a Detroit Island Park that is popular with city and suburbs. Belle Isle is a beautiful island park reached by bridge from Detroit. The art fair is in a grass field adjacent to the beautiful Scott Fountain. People from all over love to come to the island and it's packed with people on summer weekends. We work hard to attract art buyers- media exposure, work with community groups and place extensive print and broadcast advertising. Integrity Shows avoids the everything for everybody concept of shows. Our marketing is designed to bring people with the means and ability to buy your artwork. Our shows are widely praised for the effort placed toward supporting participating artists. We understand that your success is essential and we do what it takes to meet your needs. We are committed to your success. Please feel free to call with questions or concerns at any time. We are artist focused and seek to provide a venue that enhances your work and simplifies your participation.