Open Imagination
 July 30, 2021

Just as the terms postwar, postcolonial, and even postmodern signal the contours of new social realities shaped in the aftermath of certain historical ruptures, we use the term postcollapse as a contextual framework to understand the practices of artists since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Our frames of reference begin with the human experiences of East Europe, West, and Central Asia and expand "eastward out." The aim of this open call is to bring visibility to postcollapse as a critical vantage from where to rethink the global contemporary. We invite submissions from artists in any country who have directly or indirectly experienced the turbulence of the post-1989 years, or whose works speak to some element of life after collapse widely construed. We are particularly interested in works that critically engage ideological, economic, geographic, sociological, psychological, and even aesthetic ruptures and shifts. Please see the prospectus for details and to submit.