Open Imagination
 October 05, 2023
100 Artworks from Emerging Artists: 2023 Women’s Edition

Introducing “100 Artworks from Emerging Artists: 2023 Women’s Edition”, the first edition of this new publication by Arts to Hearts Project. This book aims to be a unique platform designed to shine light and discover innovative, unique, and creative artworks made in 2023 by up-and-coming women in the Arts. This annual publication aims to bring forward the most promising works and put women creatives in the spotlight. From new media, and installations to traditional methods, we seek artworks across genres, generations, and borders. Bringing forward a collective stronger female narrative in the contemporary art scene. In our inaugural edition, we aim to accomplish more than simply showcasing talent. We strive to bring to light the bravery of these women artists who use their creativity as a powerful tool to address important global issues and depict the diverse spectrum of human emotions. Their work not only reflects their creative capabilities but also their commitment to making a difference.This annual compilation presents a carefully curated list of 100 artworks from emerging artists, all created in the year 2023. Each piece will be selected for its distinctive style, innovative approach, and the unique story it tells. These works represent a broad range of artistic mediums – from striking paintings that capture the imagination to meticulous printmaking that showcases an attention to detail, from traditional tapestry work that connects us with our shared cultural heritage.