Open Imagination
 May 17, 2023
Vestige Concept Gallery - The (De)evolution of Karen

The De(evolution) of Karen seeks to examine the fundamental question who is Karen? Loved, feared, and misunderstood in the public context, the ubiquitous Karen can be any woman, and every woman. How did Karen get here and what forces led her to a place of special privilege? (Or not?) Taking life (and the manager) by the balls, is Karen really a feminist icon in disguise, or, is she just a self entitled "bitch" that society heaps their spite on? Are we all just as entitled to her as she feels entitled to take the special attention that she feels she deserves? There are also the Karen's whose lives and names are now impacted by this moniker. The De(evolution) of Karen seeks to create a non-literal artistic narrative of "the life of Karen". What was her past? Where does she live? What does she value and how does she spend her time? What does this all look like? The De(evolution) of Karen also seeks to empower any woman who is devalued due to stereotyping, tropes, or otherwise. Works from all mediums can be edgy, funny, sensitive, political/critical, and could also be an examination of American culture and/or values as a whole.