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SAVE TIME is a huge time saver for artists and photographers. The countless hours you'll save not having to hunt down art contests, competitions and opportunities to enter are hours you'll be able to devote creating your own artwork and guiding your career. At only $27* a year, we're confident your time is worth it. *(We do offer a limited, ad support Free Membership as well, but the best benefit is from the Premium Membership option.

SAVE MONEY saves you money by eliminating mistakes. When you mail out for prospectuses that later prove undesirable, envelopes, postage and time is wasted. With an Art List membership, you can read the details, contact information, and even download prospectus' when available, giving you the information that you need to make smarter decisions about which art and photo calls to enter.

EASY TO USE is very easy to use. Simply signup, login, and start searching for art contests and opportunities right away. Join our mailing list and be kept informed of featured listings and new arrivals.

BOOST YOUR CAREER can help you boost your career by increasing your exposure to contests which consequentially can lead to increased sales, impressive resume credits, and prizes. In the highly competitive arts marketplace, an Art List subscription is a crucial resource that every artist can actually use, enjoy, and benefit from.



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