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DEADLINE AUGUST 31, 2012 - $20000 in Awards Annual Auction Art Award (5As)


Exhibitions - Acrylic, Ceramics, Digital Media, Fiber, Glass, Mosaic, Graphic Design, Drawing/Illustration, Jewelry, Mixed media, Metalsmithing, Sculpture, Oil, Photography, Watercolor Art Gallery is sponsoring an exciting new annual art competition, the “Art-n-Stuff Annual Auction Art Award” (5 As). The prize exhibition is valued at £20,000 plus sales revenue. An extract of the competition rules follows: 1) Any visual artist aged 18 years or older living anywhere in the world may enter the competition. 2) A series of art auctions will be held at 3) The 2012 5A’s competition will be based on the sale figures for the five monthly auctions running from April to August 2012. Each auction will begin on the first day of a calendar month and end on the last day of a calendar month. To be admitted to the competition an artwork must reach a threshold price that will be set by the Company. 4) The Artist who sells his/her artwork at the highest price over the complete series of five auctions will be the overall competition winner. The four Artists whose works are sold at the next four highest prices over the series of five auctions will be the four runners-up. Prize-winners will be determined purely by the sales prices obtained for artworks entered into the five auctions running from April to August 2012. 5) Works that do not reach the reserve price will be carried forward into the next auction in the series. 6) The prize will be an exhibition of artwork by the five highest selling artists at Gallery 27 in Cork Street, London in December 2012. The 5A’s first prize winner and four runners-up will be announced on 10th September 2012.Proceeds to the Company from the 5A’s Winner’s Exhibition will be donated to Amnesty International.A FULL SET OF RULES ARE AT OUR WEBSITE.

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Posted : 2012-02-20

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