Open Imagination
 November 10, 2021
YICCA 21/22 - International Contest of Contemporary Art

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. Internationality and networking make YICCA a huge opportunity for the artists, which can: • Win a cash prize: - Euro 3000,00 money prize to the first selected. - Euro 1000,00 money prize to the second selected. • Promote their art through a variety of channels: - Exhibit the selected artworks in an exhibition space, determined by competition. - Improve the relationship between finalists and critics, curators, gallery owners, public and private art institutions that will have access to this important exhibition. - Have maximum visibility through the advertising campaign that will follow the competition and all its stages. DATES AND DEADLINES: June 25, 2021: Beginning of subscriptions. November 10, 2021: Subscriptions deadline. December 3, 2021: Notification of winning artworks. The jury’s final decision will lead to a selection of 18 artists.