Open Imagination
 January 14, 2023
Woman Made Gallery - Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health

Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is seeking entries for "Windows to the Inside: Expressions of Mental Health,” a virtual group exhibition curated by Grace Heaney with support by WMG’s team. Artists may enter up to three works plus an artist statement related to the exhibition theme. At least one work per artist will be accepted. ALL accepted works with statements will be viewable online. EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION: Times are really difficult. Many of us are feeling the impact on our mental health, and some people are feeling the effects of mental illness for the first time. From global disasters to family strife, the toll on our psyches is heavy. The Covid-19 pandemic, political turmoil, police brutality and systemic discrimination, environmental decline and conflicts at every turn, whether direct or indirect, have affected us all. How do we cope? How do we thrive? In recent years we've seen mental health become a focal point of political and cultural discussions. "Windows to the Inside" aims to broaden the dialogue around mental health with a spectrum of visual work by artists who have been responding to these tumultuous times through their art. What stories need to be told? Can art be a lifeline? Woman Made Gallery welcomes artwork that prompts awareness of and experiences around mental health. This virtual exhibition is open to artwork in all media that has not been previously exhibited at WMG.