Open Imagination
 September 19, 2022
PH21 Gallery presents: Time – A Curated International Photography Exhibition

A curated international photography exhibition. November 17 – December 10, 2022. Time is a central concept in our lives, yet no one has ever seen it. It is the measure of our everyday life, but we rarely reflect on the fact that this fundamental organizer of our life is also a human creation. Throughout history, humankind has developed countless artifacts to perfect the measurement of time, documenting the cycles in nature, the change of the days and seasons. The changes of our own bodies as time is passing by also confront us with our own mortality. In urban spaces, clocks and bells help us track the passing of time, so that we don’t miss the train, our date, or we are not late from work. It is peculiar that when we are having a good time, we feel that it passes faster, while when we are bored or are having a bad time for some reason, it seems to be passing very slow. Depicting the passing of time in a still image has been a welcome challenge for photographers, as well as capturing a fleeting moment. Timelessness and eternity are also present in nature, in human life as well as in our built environment. PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for our group exhibition themed Time. We are looking for submissions from all photographers who are interested in this theme, and who would like to share their work with a wider international audience through the exposure of PH21 Gallery.