Open Imagination
 June 20, 2021
HOT SUMMER CITY: Street Photography Exhibition w/ Special Guest Curator Rafael Fuchs

Hot Summer City: Street Photography Exhibition will be held in the cultural heart of Pittsburgh, PA: Lawrenceville. Home to celebrated artists, most notably Andy Warhol, the former steel making capital is now referred to as "The Paris of Appalachia" due to its deep connections to the arts and world-class museums. Vestige Concept Gallery is seeking street photography that captures the essence of urban life in the summertime. Summer is an intense and multifaceted season that brings joy, freedom, and social opportunities. When we think of representing the season through photography we envision intense warmth, deep shadows, and/or depictions of late nights, summer fun, and enjoying being outdoors. We are also interested in work that captures the dark side of summer: oppressive heat; urban blight; and the struggle to keep cool, hustle, and survive. The show will be Special Guest Curated by Rafael Fuchs.