Open Imagination
 November 12, 2021
CICA Museum Call for Submissions: International Symposium for Visual Culture & Exhibition 2022

We invite artists, scholars, and researchers worldwide to participate in the International Symposium for Visual Culture 2022. The community of artists, researchers and academics meets in the international symposium and participates in the exhibition at the CICA Museum. The symposium will be held both onsite and virtually due to global uncertainty. *Categories & Keywords: -Art & Culture in a Global Pandemic -Art and Capitalism -Race and Identity in Art & Culture -Feminist Studies on Visual Culture -Nationalism and Visual Culture -Globalism -Digital Culture and Social Media -Mass Culture -Critical Studies -Post-humanism -Originality, Authorship, and Copyright Issues -Postmodernism -New Media Art -Digital Nomad -Environmental issues and Visual Culture. Please visit our website for more information.