Open Imagination
 November 30, 2022
CICA Museum - Call for Submissions: CICA New Media Art Conference and Exhibitions 2023

Call for Papers: CICA Museum invites creative writers, scholars, and artists worldwide to participate in the CICA New Media Art Conference 2023 and the publication. We are open to proposals for paper presentations, workshops, experimental sessions, as well as artistic performance. Every artist/researcher of an accepted submission will be provided with an opportunity to discuss the merits of his or her contribution with peers. It is required that the Exhibitor will register and physically attend the conference. Selected essays will be featured in the book “New Media Art 2024,” expected to be published in December 2023. The book will be available in major bookstores in Korea, and in the United States and other countries. *This year’s categories include: -Art and the Environment. -Environmental Art. -New Media Culture. -Activist Art. -Art in a Global Pandemic. -Art and Politics. -Single Channel Video & Animation. -New Media Installations. -Interactive Art. -Game Art. -Web Art. -Art and Artificial Intelligence. -Virtual/Augmented Reality Art. -Art and Social Media. -Art and Mass Media. -Data Visualization. -3D Printing. -Performance (Addressing Media Related Issues). * How to submit: Please visit our website for more information. See links below.