Open Imagination
 December 23, 2022
CICA Museum - Call for Artists: the International Exhibition “Text-ure”

CICA Museum invites artists worldwide to participate in the International Exhibition, “Text-ure” We are open to photography, 2D digital art, video art, interactive art, drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and installation art dealing with subjects on text, context, texture, and tactility. *Deadline: December 23, 2022 *The categories include: -Painting, Drawing, and Print; -Sculpture & Installation Art; -Photograph & 2D Digital Art; -Video & Interactive Art. *Exhibition Dates: July 12 – 30, 2023. ***The dates are subject to change. If the work is selected, the artist will be required to pay the show processing & maintenance fee: $70 (USD) per work. *How to submit your work: Please visit our website for more information - see links below.