Open Imagination
 March 11, 2022
2022 MPED International Art&Design Awards

MPED aims to facilitate young artists in their pursuit for higher education as well as their journey of self-realization by offering customized feedback and merchandising options of the submitted artworks. The core values of MPED are as follows. We seek artistic passion, inquisitiveness, and perseverance when selecting the artworks and provide a platform to showcase them to a global audience. We invite talented young artists from grades 4-12 to participate and submit their artworks in all areas of visual arts and design. For few selected awardees, we will also provide them with further opportunities of artwork merchandising, portfolio consulting, and application essay consulting in addition to the certificates and products that we provide for them. You can submit your artwork in the following link: Your entrance will be finalized as you pay 50 USD through Paypal at the end of the entrance form in the link above.

 ICOSA Awards (Top 3), OCTA Awards (Top 4-12), TETRA Awards (Top 13-28), CUBE Awards (Top 29-40).